A new way of being there.

With TruSense smart home technology.


Motion Sensor

Detects movement and temperature changes within the home.

Contact Sensor

Contact Sensor

Detects when a door, cabinet, or refrigerator has been opened.

TruSense Hub

TruSense Hub

The core of the TruSense system that compiles data collected from the sensors.


Amazon Echo Dot

Speak to Alexa to reach 24/7 Emergency Response or turn on a light.


GPS Tracking

Provides protection when they are away from home -- whether in a car or on foot.

Personalized Notifications

You and your loved one know what’s important. That’s why TruSense custom alerts let you choose exactly which system events will send you a notification using text messages, e-mail, and automated phone calls.

  • Too Long in Room
  • Away From Home
  • Day Started / Not Started
  • Temperature Out of Range
  • Vehicle Out of Area
  • Water Leak
  • Door Open Too Long
  • Assistance Requested
  • System Health

Is your loved one OK?

Be there 24/7 from the comfort of your own home. No more anxiety about your loved one during the times they are home alone.

Fall Detection

TruSense can alert you if and when a probable fall occurs. An alert is triggered when TruSense detects that your loved one has not moved from high-risk fall areas (such as a stairwell or restroom) in an unusually long time. They can also use voice commands to call out for help using the Amazon Echo Dot.

  • Motion Sensor
  • Too Long in Room
  • Voice-Activated Assistance

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Optional GPS Tracking assures that your loved one is traveling safely while on the road outside the home. Receive alerts when Mom heads to the grocery or the doctor’s office, and use the app to track her trip and ensure she arrives safely.

  • Vehicle Location
  • Collision Alert
  • Vehicle Out of Area

At Home / Away From Home

Motion sensors work in combination with Contact sensors affixed to exterior doors to detect when your loved one has left or returned home. No more wondering why Mom is not picking up the phone when you can see that she has left the home.

  • Contact Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Away From Home Alert