TruSense GPS Tracking

When a loved one starts developing a memory loss condition such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, assisted living may feel like the only safe option. However, with GPS tracking technology, this is no longer the case. Here’s why.

As your loved one’s primary caregiver, you want to monitor them responsibly without taking away their independence. At the same time, remember that those with memory loss are often unaware of the danger they sometimes find themselves in. Finding the right balance is made easier with GPS tracking devices. According to Brick House Security, “GPS trackers can be used for more than covert tracking, being beneficial for users to check on the whereabouts, safety, and well-being of the person carrying the device.” They can quickly locate your loved one in case of an emergency, helping them — and you — to maintain daily life.

TruSense GPS devices let you worry no more about your loved one getting lost or confused about where they are. These include the TruSense Vehicle Tracker, GPS Smart Pendant, and GPS SmartSole*.

The GPS Vehicle Tracker senses the location of your loved one’s vehicle using GPS technology. The coordinates can then be viewed on a map right from your smart phone. The TruSense platform also allows you to create a geofence (a virtual geographic boundary drawn on a digital map.) You will then receive alerts when your loved one has moved outside of the pre-defined area.

The GPS Smart Pendant is a small, portable personal GPS locator combined with cellular phone capabilities. Worn around the neck or carried in a pocket or purse, this device grants instant communication between your loved one and our 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Center with the simple push of a button. Customized alerts and the TruSense dashboard’s digital map help you to quickly locate your loved one in case of a fall or other emergency, while integration with the Amazon Echo Dot gives family members and other caregivers the ability to receive instant status updates from their own homes.

Does your loved one prefer to not wear a pendant? If so, the GPS SmartSole provides a simpler alternative: real-time GPS tracking of your loved one using a device embedded into their shoe. This product works with the same geofence as the Vehicle Tracker, and will notify you when the person leaves the pre-defined area.

Along with GPS technology, you can set up customizable alerts through TruSense’s in-home wireless sensors. If your loved one has not moved for a long period of time, not eaten when they normally do, or has left the house, an alert will appear on your smartphone so you can act accordingly.


*GPS Vehicle Tracking, GPS Smart Pendant, and GPS SmartSoles are not included in the Home Starter Kit, but can be purchased separately.