TruSense Releases First ‘Smart’ Personal Emergency Response (PERS) Pendant

TruSense Releases First ‘Smart’ Personal Emergency Response (PERS) Pendant

The TruSense GPS Smart Pendant is the first emergency alert offering that works with Amazon Alexa, and when combined with TruSense Home, detects and alerts when it’s not being worn

Cincinnati, OH – March 21, 2018— TruSense, a smart home monitoring solution designed for seniors, today announced it has added the first-ever smart personal emergency response pendant to combine GPS with notification when it is not being worn, extending protection outside of the home. Alleviating caregiver worry, the TruSense GPS Smart Pendant works in conjunction with TruSense Home, its sensor-based smart home solution.  The powerful combination delivers customized alerts whenever the pendant is not being worn, eliminating all false sense of security created.

A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information[1] showed that 86 percent of participants in a study who owned a pendant did not wear it throughout their entire day.  With TruSense, customized alerts can notify loved-ones when the wearer has arrived at frequently visited locations, or has travelled outside of a defined safe zone. The GPS Smart Pendant also has a two-way help button and can also identify when a potential fall has occurred, triggering a notification to family members and the 24/7 emergency response center.

“Anyone who has ordered a PERS wearable device for their loved ones knows the biggest issue is getting them to wear it,” says Rob Deubell, senior vice president for TruSense. “Seniors are often at risk with single-solution products, as they have a false sense of security when they forget to charge or wear their pendants. The TruSense GPS Smart Pendant works in concert with TruSense Home, and can detect and alert caregivers, as well as the senior, via automated phone call or text messages in the event they leave home without their pendant. Through integration with leading consumer products, including the Amazon Echo, family members now have a new way of being supportive anytime simply by asking Alexa where their loved one is and how they are doing. TruSense delivers multiple layers of protection, providing a 24/7 safety net, and therefore additional peace of mind for families.

TruSense Home uses sensor and GPS technology to discern the way a person livestime spent sleeping, in the kitchen, or getting out of the house. When a user defined threshold has been exceeded, such as they have been in a room too long, TruSense sends alerts to the circle of people who theyve chosen to receive custom notifications. The TruSense starter kit includes an Amazon Echo Dot and can be used for caregivers to receive voice activated status updates on how mom or dad are doing, or, alternatively can be kept in the home so older adults can receive voice reminders or call for help. Click here to view a video showcasing how TruSense works.

Key Features of the TruSense GPS Smart Pendant:

  • Smart Alerts: Custom text alerts based on help requests, current location and whether they are wearing their Smart Pendant (when combined with TruSense Home)
  • Amazon Echo Device Integration: Family can use voice to check on the location of their loved one
  • Fall Detection: If a fall is detected TruSense notifies family members and our 24/7 emergency response center who can immediately assist and even dispatch EMS if needed
  • GPS Tracking: Includes geofencing and alerts
  • Smart Battery: Long battery life and text alerts when battery needs recharging
  • Waterproof: Can be worn when bathing or swimming
  • Emergency Response: Voice and event-activated 24/7 emergency response
  • 2-way speakerphone: Includes large SOS button for assistance
  • Flexible Wearing Options: Small/lightweight and can be worn on included lanyard or wristband, or carried in pocket or handbag

Pricing and Availability

TruSense products are available for purchase at The pendant is available for $129 plus a monthly subscription as low as $17.49 a month for an annual plan, or $24.99 for the month-to-month plan. TruSense is unique with its no strings offer where customers can cancel service at any time and are not required to return their pendants. For added safety and smart features, the TruSense GPS Smart Pendant can be bundled with the TruSense Home starter kit which includes the Amazon Echo Dot, a Smart Outlet, the TruSense Hub, four motion sensors and one contact sensor.  

For more information on the company or the TruSense system visit the website at  For media inquiries, or to schedule a demo, please contact Kimberly Angell of Wish Public Relations at kim dot angell at wishpr dot com or (415) 471-7272.

About TruSense

TruSense is a smart home monitoring solution designed for seniors that delivers peace of mind by safeguarding your loved ones and allowing them to maintain their independence at home.  Using smart sensors, TruSense is non-intrusive and provides daily updates on the health, safety and well-being of your loved ones. The solution also measures variables such as home leak detection, temperature and vehicle and personal GPS tracking. TruSense uses custom notifications to send automated text messages, emails and phone calls based on customized user thresholds and can also notify our 24/7 emergency response center.