How In-Home Spirometry Helps in Managing Asthma

Did you know that asthma afflicts as much as 8.3% of the US population? The biggest reason is because most people who have it don’t have it under control. Poor education about symptom management and treatment has let asthma grow to be one of the most common reasons for the seeking of medical attention, with no signs of letting up.

So What Can You Do?

Routinely using a spirometer in-home to measure peak expiratory flow and lung capacity can be of great help in both the day-to-day and long-term management of asthma symptoms. Asthma flare-ups cause the large airways in the lungs to slowly narrow, which keeps air from moving through the respiratory system properly. By taking daily spirometry readings to measure peak flow, small changes in the size of the large airways can be detected before they become so constricted that breathing becomes difficult. Johns Hopkins identifies the following benefits of daily peak flow measurement at home using a spirometer[1]:

  • It gives you better awareness of when peak flow levels begin to drop, which can help you predict impending asthma attacks.
  • Helps in determining and identifying your particular asthma triggers.
  • Easier assessment of how well an asthma treatment plan is working, and if changes in your medication or routine are needed to keep symptoms from worsening.
  • Helps in determining the levels at which you need to seek immediate medical care, either by contacting your healthcare provider or going to the emergency room.

How TruSense Can Help

TruSense offers an Asthma Kit that includes a personal wireless spirometer for home use with the TruSense mobile app. Daily spirometry readings can be measured and recorded to your personal TruSense Dashboard, giving you an easy way to track your respiratory function on a both short-term and long-term basis, and even share your results with your physician. If you don’t have your own smart phone or tablet, then the TruSense Tablet is also available, which serves as a technological gateway to the TruSense Dashboard. While each of these devices can also be purchased separately, the TruSense Asthma Kit is bundled with everything needed for the daily monitoring and management of asthma symptoms and overall respiratory health.