Can Measuring Blood Sugar at Home Improve Readings Immediately?

Management of high blood sugar and pre-diabetes has been shown to be significantly improved when the patient proactively self-monitors their blood glucose levels daily. In fact, such self-monitoring has become increasingly more recognized as an integral aspect of treatment for all forms of diabetes, with the following having all been identified as benefits[1]:

  • It allows both you and your doctor to detect when blood glucose levels are trending too high or too low, thus allowing for any adjustments in treatment that need to be made to make long-term management more feasible and effective.
  • It gives you more protection by allowing you to immediately confirm cases of acute hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia (that is, blood sugar levels that are dangerously high or low), which require more immediate attention.
  • It gives you more agency and responsibility in your own care, thus improving your overall education and awareness about your condition.
  • It helps you to identify factors that contribute to dangerous blood glucose levels, which will help to avoid mishaps and naturally steer you toward healthier behavior.

Immediate blood glucose reductions

Research from the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology has also shown that those who practice self-monitoring at home often see immediate results when it comes to lowering their blood glucose levels compared to those who do not. In fact, it has been found that the more times per day (to a point) that a person measures their blood glucose levels, the lower those levels become. More precisely, studies report a 0.25% decrease in blood glucose levels for each time it is measured, effective for up to 6-7 times per day. This inverse correlation between self-measurement and lowered blood glucose levels holds true regardless of the type of diabetes (including pre-diabetes.)

How TruSense Can Help

TruSense offers a specialized Diabetes management kit ideal for monitoring the blood glucose levels in pre-diabetics, as well as those with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The Diabetes Kit includes a blood glucose meter and a body weight scale for daily use with the TruSense app. While these devices can also be purchased individually, the TruSense Diabetes kit includes everything needed for the daily monitoring and management of pre-diabetes and diabetes symptoms.

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