This is the Damage Hypertension Can Do to Your Body Before You Even Know You Have It

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a particularly insidious disease that can cause lasting damage before you’re aware of it. It afflicts 1 in 3 American adults. Yet, symptoms are so scarce that is commonly referred to as “the silent killer” among medical professionals. And for good reason! Unmanaged, hypertension sharply increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, both of which are major causes of death in the U.S. Given the risks that it poses to health and wellbeing, monitoring and management of high blood pressure is of grave importance.

But what damage does it do exactly, and how?

Artery damage

High blood pressure damages the inner lining of the arteries. This keeps blood from flowing as smoothly and freely as it needs to. Fat collects in the bloodstream because of damaged arteries, making them stiffer and limiting blood flow. When the arteries that supply blood to the heart are affected, this is called coronary heart disease. Sustained constant pressure of blood moving through a damaged artery can eventually develop into an aneurysm, wherein a section of the artery wall bulges and fills with blood. If it bursts, the damage is often life-threatening.

Heart Damage and Failure

The left ventricle of the heart can become enlarged and stiff due to being forced to work harder. This limits its ability to pump blood throughout the body and increases risk of heart attack, heart failure, and death.

Over time, the damage can accumulate to such a point where the heart muscles weaken and lose their efficiency. Eventually, the heart becomes overwhelmed and fails completely, resulting in death.

Brain Damage and Stroke

The brain needs a constant fresh supply of blood to survive. Hypertension weakens blood flow and causes blood clots, leading to oxygen deprivation that can cause a stroke. Sustained narrowing and blockage of the arteries that supply blood to the brain can result in cognitive decline and even dementia.

How TruSense Can Help Manage Hypertension

TruSense can help by providing the tools needed to proactively help yourself or a loved one effectively manage hypertension. Combining our user-friendly personal blood pressure meter and free mobile app, TruSense allows you quickly and easily ensure that blood pressure levels are within healthy ranges. If your readings start to approach dangerous levels, TruSense will notify you and your care team, which can include family caregivers, a healthcare professional, or in-home healthcare worker. TruSense also logs and charts your readings automatically, giving you at-a-glance insight into your blood pressure trends over time that you can share with your doctor to ensure optimal care.

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