At TruSense, we’re driven to help create a safer and healthier environment for seniors who – now more than ever – want to age in place from the comfort of their own homes. Our vision? A shift in the way the aging population and their family caregivers connect with one another using innovative solutions that are easy to use and understand.

And we have a chance to make real change.

Unobtrusive Passive Monitoring tools bring an extra layer of protection into the homes of older loved ones, while providing deeper health insights and peace of mind to family caregivers during the times they cannot physically be there.

TruSense is committed to helping our loved ones — including parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents — to continue living healthy, fulfilling lives in their own homes and communities as they age. Seniors can preserve their independence while still giving their families a TruSense of how they’re doing.

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Putting Health in Our Own Hands

At the helm of our company is a visionary team with decades of collective experience in developing innovative connected device technologies designed to bring ease and convenience to everyday life. Our passion lies in providing seniors and their loved ones with the tools and technology necessary take real control of their health and well-being, granting them a greater sense of happiness and true peace of mind.

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