At TruSense, we’re driven to help create a healthier population through the innovative use of connected technology, shifting the way we all approach our own healthcare from reactive to proactive. We’re applying this same philosophy to assisting our nation’s seniors in remaining in their homes as long as possible, allowing more to “age in place”.

And we have a chance to make real change.

At TruSense, we’re looking to help propel that change for people of all ages with technology that’s easy to use and understand.

With the right tools for better health awareness and deeper insight into the role daily habits play in their current and future well-being, individuals can maintain good health, identify and reverse pre-chronic conditions, and manage existing conditions more effectively. The result is lower healthcare costs, fewer hospital readmissions, and better overall physical and mental health.

TruSense is also committed to helping older loved ones – parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents – continue to live healthy, more fulfilled lives in the homes and communities they love as they age. Using non-intrusive technology, seniors can preserve their independence, while still giving their families a TruSense of how they’re doing.

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Putting Health in Our Own Hands

At the helm of our company is a visionary team with decades of collective experience in developing innovative machine-to-machine solutions and connected device technologies. Our goal is to use our considerable expertise to provide the tools and technology necessary to usher in a new era where people are able to take real control of their health and well-being for a greater sense of happiness and true peace of mind.

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