Self-monitoring for true hypertension awareness

As many as


of participants in a Harvard study had masked hypertension.

In the U.S., the unhealthiest 6% of employees drive 47% of healthcare spending. But focusing only on that small segment doesn’t address the full employee wellness problem.

It’s likely that some of your employees have hypertension – a primary and prevalent risk factor for cardiovascular problems – and don’t know it. According to the American College of Cardiology, self-monitoring blood pressure is critical in

detecting hypertension. Not only is it symptomless, it often goes undiagnosed even when blood pressure readings are taken during annual wellness exams. In fact, in several Harvard clinical studies, as many as 40% of participants had normal blood pressure at doctor visits, but higher readings in their daily lives – what’s called “masked hypertension”. Maintaining healthy blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack by 350%, compared to even slightly elevated levels.

Good things happen when you put TruSense to work.

As an employer, managing high-cost claimants is your #1 health cost containment strategy2. TruSense helps in identifying early indicators of future health conditions as they arise, enabling stronger disease prevention and making it easier to maintain good health. It makes good sense when you consider disease management programs have shown an average ROI of 380%3.

With the TruSense Employer Solution, employees use low-cost, FDA-approved monitoring devices in the workplace to periodically check basic weight and blood pressure stats. Our mobile app allows individual employees to track their health readings and set up custom reminders and alerts.


Average ROI from disease management programs

Self-monitoring motivates.

Self-monitoring helps build healthier habits and improve overall health. Those who weigh themselves daily as part of an employee wellness regimen are more likely to develop healthier habits and lose more weight overall than those who don’t7, helping them to reach their weight goals and maintain healthy weight more easily.

Likewise, it’s been shown that self-measured blood pressure readings are accurate predictors of cardiovascular problems. Patients who self-measure are more engaged with their treatment than those who don’t. This leads to more responsible lifestyle habits, stronger adherence to therapy, and lower blood pressure on average8.

Track employee wellness trends with the Dashboard.

The TruSense Employer Dashboard de-identifies, aggregates, and displays all collected employee health data. Company-wide health trends become clear, leading to healthier employees, fewer insurance claims, and ultimately, lower premiums. What’s more, healthy employees are more productive and miss fewer workdays.

Good behaviors lead to great results.

Reduces all-cause mortality by


Moderate weight loss (under 9%) has been shown to significantly reduce blood pressure and other risk factors9 in those who are overweight or obese. And a reduction of just 1% in excess weight, blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels has been shown to save roughly $80-$100 annually per person in medical costs10.

Even a small amount of activity can make a difference in employee risk. Walking at a brisk pace for as little as 10 minutes a day, or at a slower pace for 15 to 20 minutes reduces all-cause mortality by 33 percent in patients with stable coronary heart disease11.

Our wellness kit empowers employers and employees.

The TruSense Health Workplace Wellness Kit contains everything needed to start a community-based program to help at-risk employees make better health decisions and keep healthy employees on the right track.. This includes monitoring hardware, access to the Employer Dashboard and personalized informational materials designed to help maintain engagement among employees.

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