Proactive Prevention & General Wellness

Adopting a health-first philosophy

No one wants to be unhealthy. But seeing your resolutions, weight and lifestyle goals, and medication schedule through to success can be a challenge. Thankfully, just a few simple lifestyle adjustments — assisted by the right tools and knowledge — make the journey a whole lot easier.

TruSense provides a solution that can help people of all ages and walks of life maintain medication adherence, monitor their weight goals, identify early signs of chronic illness, and more. Doing so can produce good overall health, reduced risk of developing chronic conditions, fewer doctor visits and hospital readmissions, and lowered out-of-pocket costs.

A TruSense of Wellness

Whether you’re looking to maintain good health, prevent the development of a chronic illness to which you are genetically predisposed, or more effectively manage an existing condition, TruSense Health can help you can gain valuable insights and track your wellness goals. The free TruSense mobile app (available for both Apple and Android devices) is quick and user-friendly, and can be expanded to address any shift in your health management needs.

proactive prevention general wellness medication adherence
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Medication Adherence

Sticking to your medication schedule can be a real challenge, especially for those with multiple prescriptions for multiple ailments. In fact, half the prescriptions filled each year in the U.S. are not taken correctly, leading to greater health complications that add hundreds of billions of dollars in healthcare costs and contribute to 125,000 deaths annually.

The TruSense medicine reminder feature takes the guesswork out of taking your medications, resulting in easier days and better health by:

  • Uploading and tracking your medication information.
  • Using customized schedules and medication alerts.
  • Giving complete visibility to the user, whether it’s an individual, a caregiver, or family member.

TruSense includes the medication schedule and reminders as a standard feature on the free TruSense mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Simply download TruSense on your smart phone or tablet to get started!

Healthcare Providers

Weight Management

Weight management can be a particularly important aspect of your wellness journey, and we want to help you succeed. Excess unhealthy weight can lead to a higher risk of developing serious health problems, but even modest weight loss has been shown to significantly lower the risk of blood pressure and heart attack.

TruSense gives you the tools that make it easy to proactively manage your weight and monitor your weight loss journey over time, giving you:

  • Daily monitoring reminders.
  • Real-time data with instant feedback from your connected device.
  • A user-friendly dashboard with colorful visual displays of your progress.

Already a TruSense user? You can add Weight Management to your Dashboard functionality by purchasing the Weight Scale below.

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