How It Works

TruSense is a smart home monitoring solution designed for seniors. Through the use of passive monitoring technology and personalized system alerts, TruSense reduces the stresses of caregiving and enables seniors to safely stay in their homes for as long as possible. The sensor-based solution is non-intrusive and works even when the senior is not wearing their alert pendant or other emergency wearable.

In today’s busy world, caregivers are stressed for time and energy. That is why TruSense has developed a monitoring solution that will help caregivers to devote themselves to caring for their loved ones while still allowing them to enjoy their own lives. We remove the stress of the unknown, such as calling Mom and not getting a response, leaving you to wonder, “Is something wrong, or did she simply leave the home?” Wouldn’t it be a relief to know for sure?

From the moment you make your initial purchase to finalizing your custom alerts, we have worked hard to simplify the set up process. Follow these steps to easily and quickly start gaining insight into your loved one’s health, well-being, and safety.

Step One

Purchase a Starter Kit

Plus any additional devices needed to monitor your loved one. You may find that your loved one’s home could benefit from more motion or contact sensors to better monitor their activity. Or maybe you would like to add a GPS Smart Pendant to track your loved one when they leave the house. Our solution is fully customizable and gives you the ability to add the devices that are best for you and your loved one.

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Step Two


Our user-friendly installation wizard will guide you step-by-step through the installation process so you can be confident that your solution is working properly. It will test and confirm that your sensors are detecting activity and that the Hub is communicating properly with the other devices. In other words, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. In a few simple steps, you will have greater peace of mind and a true sense of security.

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Step Three

Customize Notifications

Don’t have time to log into our app to see how your loved one is doing? Worry not! You can set up custom alerts to notify you when your loved one has left the home or been in the bathroom too long, if the temperature has exceeded a set threshold, or any number of other personalized notifications. Alerts can be sent via text message, email, and phone calls.

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