How it works.

TruSense integrates best-in-class monitoring devices with a user-friendly dashboard to provide a complete vision of safety and health for common senior living issues.

Fall Detection

TruSense can alert you if a probable fall occurs. An alert is triggered when TruSense detects that your loved one has not moved from high-risk fall areas (such as a stairwell or restroom) in an unusually long time. And with the Amazon Echo Dot, voice commands can also be used to call out for help.


Motion Sensors




GPS Tracking

Optional GPS Tracking assures that your loved one is traveling safely while on the road or even just walking outside the home. Receive alerts when Mom heads to the grocery or the doctor’s office, and use the app to track her trip to ensure she arrives safely.


Vehicle Out Of Area


Vehicle Location


At Home / Away From Home

Motion sensors work in combination with Contact sensors affixed to exterior doors to detect when your loved one has left or returned home. No more wondering or worrying why Mom isn’t picking up the phone when you can see that she’s left the house.


Contact Sensors


Motion Sensors


Away From Home Alert

Setting up TruSense

From the moment you make your initial purchase to finalizing your custom alerts, we’ve worked hard to simplify the TruSense set-up process. Follow these steps to easily and quickly monitor and track your loved one’s health, well-being, and safety.

1. Purchase your Starter Kit

The Starter Kit includes:

  • Four motion sensors
  • One contact sensor
  • One smart outlet
  • One Amazon Echo Dot
  • Your own TruSense Dashboard

You can also purchase additional devices you might need, such as:

  • GPS trackers
  • Health monitoring devices
  • General wellness tracking

2. Self-Installation

Our user-friendly installation wizard will guide you step-by-step through the installation process so you can be confident that your solution is working properly. It will test and confirm that your sensors are detecting activity and that the Hub is communicating properly with the other devices.

You can learn more about our installation process by visiting our video libraries below:

Click here to preview the installation wizard and learn more.

Click here to view our installation videos.

3. Customize Notifications

Set up your custom alerts to notify you when your loved one has left the home or been in the bathroom too long, if the temperature has exceeded a set threshold, or any number of other defined situations. Alerts can be sent via a text message, email, and phone call.

We’ve also integrated the Amazon Echo Dot so you can simply ask Alexa how your loved one is doing–get a quick pulse on their activity level, location or see if they’ve left the home.

Click here to see how the Echo Dot is used to receive daily status updates.

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