Employee Wellness Providers

Employee Wellness Providers

TruSense partners with organizations who seek to deliver lower healthcare costs to businesses of all sizes. Our solutions help wellness providers create and nurture a systematic program where at-risk employees are empowered to proactively manage their pre-chronic and chronic conditions on a continual basis.

We create a window into an employee’s health during the time between visits to the health coach (also known as “white space”) and provide accurate, continual awareness of ongoing health metrics, enabling problems to be quickly addressed and health goals reliably met. The result is fewer health insurance claims, better healthcare outcomes, lower overall healthcare costs for the business and their employees, and a new service and revenue model for wellness providers. 

With TruSense:

  • In-home biometric monitoring devices are used in combination with our user-friendly platform to not only capture snapshots of daily health, but to also identify health trends over periods of days, weeks, and months.
  • Custom notifications alert the health coach, other wellness professionals, or care provider when results have exceeded predetermined levels, making preventative care efforts for employees more effective than ever.
  • Pre-conditions (such as elevated blood sugar or pre-hypertension) and chronic conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension) can be better managed and controlled using real-time biometric results and trending information.

If you are a provider of employee wellness programs and would like to learn more about how TruSense can enhance your services and provide clients with more effective care, please fill out the form below and a TruSense representative will get back to you.

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