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What is TruSense?

TruSense is a network of connected devices and an easy-to-use application that provides insights into the health and well-being of your loved one. TruSense was designed from the ground up to help people care for their aging friends and family: Is it safe to let Mom live on her own? Do I need to worry about my dad’s well-being when I am not around? Is my mother eating and using the restroom enough? Does my father get up and move around like the doctor recommended?

If you find yourself asking questions like these, TruSense can help.

How Does TruSense Work?

TruSense works by analyzing data from a network of connected devices that are installed in your love one’s home. Because every home and every person is different, TruSense is completely customizable and works in homes of all sizes. TruSense does not require a wearable device — like a personal safety pendant — because the system is installed in the home and does not require a lifestyle change.

We understand that the needs of each individual are different, which is why we designed the system to be highly customizable.