Installation & Setup

Quick Start Guide & Installation tips

Everything you need for the installation will be in the TruSense package we send you, including our Quick Start Guide. Once you are ready, simply login to your account and follow along with the TruSense installation wizard. It will walk you through step-by-step. It’s that easy!

Installation usually takes less than an hour. You can set up your personalized alert rules at any time by logging into your account and determining under what conditions you or your loved ones would like a text alert (e.g. Mom has been in the bathroom for 1 hour), but you don’t have to create alerts if you don’t want to.

Getting Started

Install New Sensor

Set Up with Your Installed Devices




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Simply log in on the main menu of TruSense at and modify the rule you want to change (e.g. thresholds, phone number, etc.)

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When you sign up for TruSense, you will be given administrative authority to determine who should have access to dashboards. Once you submit their names and e-mail addresses, an e-mail will be sent to that individual providing access to the dashboard. You can also determine who should get what alerts. Alerts are sent via text message to the recipient’s mobile phone.

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