Can TruSense automatically detect falls?

The quick answer is no, TruSense does not detect a “fall.” The reality is that companies that promise “auto-detection” of falls can only detect certain “hard falls,” which are those caused by tripping or slipping followed by an immediate and forceful drop to the floor. However, a fall study conducted in a hospital setting found that 40.4% of recorded falls were not hard falls; they were falls where the patient slid to the floor[1]. When a wearer faints and slowly slips to the ground, or collapses from or into a chair, the pendant companies that have automatic fall detection will not raise an alarm[2], leaving you with a false sense of security. We believe TruSense provides something better. Our system is designed to provide an alert if something out of the ordinary has been detected, such as a fainting spell where the senior gradually collapses to the floor. We do this by detecting whether the resident has been “too long” in a given room.  This is based on rules you set.